BB's Honey. 100% pure premium honey made in Glencoe, Alabama

Jars of our honey.

BB's Honey began as a hobby in 2011 when Guy and Robbie purchased two hives. As novice beekeepers, they enrolled in classes, read books and joined their local beekeepers association. Soon the hobby grew into a small honey business as the two added many more hives to the apiary. While attending their first Alabama Beekeepers Association Annual Meeting in 2011, BB's Honey was awarded a blue ribbon for taste.


Our hives are located in the same location where our founder's grandparents maintained their personal beehives over 40 years ago in the rolling hills of northeast Alabama. Childhood memories of sweet, golden honey, fresh from the comb are embodied in BB's Honey. Hardwoods, pines, wildflowers, clovers, and family gardens provide their bees with a variety of pollen and nectar which the bees use to produce naturally delicious honey.



We harvest our honey naturally from the hives without smoke or chemicals which allows the honey to maintain all its natural goodness. The honey is filtered three times before bottling to remove any impurities. Our honey is extracted at room temperature and never heated which allows the honey to retain its original flavor and consistency.

Our honey is available in one-pound squeeze bottles, quart jars, pint jars, and plastic bears.



2234 N. College Street Glenco Alabama, 56011 897-564-7788
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